How to Write a Business Acquisition Plan

A well-organized acquisition plan is vital for anyone wishing to make a risky business decision, such as purchasing another business. The document is an outline for making the acquisition a success and it provides a clear path from where the present business is to where you would like it to be after the acquisition.

The first part of the article outlines the motives behind the purchase and how it will fit to your overall business plan. It is also important to explain the advantages of acquiring this business and how it will increase your profits. The next section outlines the financial impact of the deal. This includes a breakdown on the current sales, EBITDA (Earnings Before Taxes Depreciation Amortisation) and debt, including personal financial assurances, hire/lease agreements plans and forecasts for the company, and budgets.

A brief summary of the company you are interested in and its management team is included in this section. This can help you quickly assess whether the business is a good match, and is useful in making your own negotiation position.

The last section should outline the goals and steps you must complete to acquire the business. These should be specific, measurable and time-based. You might, for example you set a goal to find 10 possible acquisitions within the next quarter. This will enable you to measure your progress throughout the course of the project, and ensure that you are on the right path to a successful business acquisition.

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